Collaboration Day 2015

Collaboration Day 2015 Documents & Agenda

CIP Review

The Engineering and Construction (E&C) Dept. of the PWSA delivers infrastructure projects utilizing numerous funding sources, including Capital Improvement Program (CIP) bonds, PENNVEST loans, and grants.  The Authority also partners with other governmental entities, such as PennDOT, the City of Pittsburgh, and ALCOSAN.  The E&C Dept. will be engaged in over 100 projects in varying phases and stages of completion, with a program value exceeding $50M annually.

  • Plant and Pumping Station Related Projects: Engineering Staff
    • Are you interested in our upcoming work involving the water treatment plant or pump stations/reservoirs?  This breakout session will discuss all upcoming work associated with treatment and delivery/storage equipment.  These are the “behind the wall” projects.  
  • Distribution and Collection System Projects: Engineering Staff
    • Are you interested in our upcoming work involving the distribution and the collection system?  This breakout session will discuss all upcoming work associated with waterline, sewers and related equipment.
  • Green Infrastructure Projects: Engineering Staff
    • Are you interested in our upcoming work involving green infrastructure?  Green infrastructure is an emerging technology and a large part of our program.  Please join us to discuss the green infrastructure work that is part of our program.



The PWSA is changing policies, procedures, and documents to clarify and improve our contractual relationships with our suppliers, construction contractors, and consultants.  A primary component of our publicly bid projects are the contract documents. The PWSA updated contract documents utilizing the Engineers Joint Contract Development Committee (EJCDC) standard documents as published by the American Consulting Engineers Council.

  • Contract Specifics: Engineering Staff
    • As permissible by our agreement with EJCDC, the PWSA has modified numerous sections in the documents to reflect the specific legal and institutional requirements of the PWSA.  Please plan to attend this break-out session to learn specific requirements of our new contract. 
  • Working with the PWSA: Engineering Staff
    • Whether you have worked with PWSA in the past, or are considering doing so for the first time, you will want to attend this session to learn about the positive changes that have occurred at the PWSA over the last several years.  We want to do business with you! 

Developers Session 

  • Application Submission 101: Michelle Carney
    • Wonder how the application process works to secure water and sewer service through the PWSA? Michelle Carney will provide an overview of the forms and application submission process for securing water and sewer tap installations, along with terminations of service from the PWSA system. From the Water and Sewer Availability form, the Pre-Application Meeting Request, through to drawing submission and sign off, each step will be covered in this session.
  • Pre-Developers Meeting: Michelle Carney
    • A must for new developers to attend; Michelle Carney will review the Pre-Developers Meeting process. This simple step in the PWSA/ Developers process can clear up confusion and questions regarding PWSA service availability, as well as inform the PWSA early on about potential development impacting the service area.
  • Panel Discussion: Pittsburgh Land Development- beyond 2015
    • Representatives from various government agencies will give a preview of what’s expected in 2016. Topics will include Green Infrastructure, Plumbing Code, Planning, and Zoning.
  • Lessons Learned: A Development Case Study- Dan Cleary
    • Ever wondered how a great development experience can occur while working with the PWSA? Hear Dan Cleary review a case study of a developer who hit all (or most) of the marks during the PWSA developer engagement process.