PWSA's Equal Opportunity Contracting Program

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Equal Opportunity Contracting Program

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority’s Equal Opportunity Contracting Program ensures that minority, women, veteran, and service disabled veteran businesses can participate in PWSA’s contracting opportunities. PWSA believes that by providing contracting opportunities for a diversity of businesses, contractors, and sub-contractors help to bolster the economic vitality of our local business community and the Pittsburgh region. 
For all project contracts with a cost of $250,000 or more, PWSA’s goal is to award 18% of contracts to minority owned businesses, 7% to women owned businesses, and 5% to veteran and service disabled veteran businesses. PWSA makes every effort to meet this goal and encourages contractors to partner with a diversity of businesses when seeking subcontractors.


Participating in PWSA’s Equal Opportunity Program 

Businesses wishing to participate in the Equal Opportunity Contracting Program must have a certification from any government based or nationally recognized private certifying agent.  Examples include any municipality, county, or state certification agency or others listed below. PWSA does not accept self-certification status. 

Certification Agencies

National Minority Supplier Development Council (regional affiliates are also acceptable) 
Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (any State or Municipal Certification Program) 



Monitoring and Tracking

To ensure that equal opportunity contracting goals are being met, PWSA will require contractors and vendors, awarded contracts of $250,000 or more, to use B2GNow to report invoice and payment activity between minority, women, and service disabled veteran business sub-contractors. 
At the Notice to Proceed meeting, contractors and vendors will be given a username and password for B2GNow. They will be required to create an account and report invoice and payment information to sub-contractors. Training is available through B2GNow. For more information please visit B2GNow’s website or review the B2GNow Vendor Guide


Equal Opportunity Policy

PWSA’s Equal Opportunity Policy for Businesses Performing Work with PWSA (EOP) is available on our website as a downloadable pdf file



Check out these resources for additional information and support for minority, women, veteran, and service disabled veteran businesses. 
African-American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania (AACCWP) 
Allegheny County Office of Minority, Women-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise 
City of Pittsburgh, Equal Opportunity Review Commission 
Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (EMSDC) 
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 
National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) 
National Association of Veteran Owned Businesses (NaVOBA) 
National Minority Purchasing Council (and regional affiliates) (NMSDC) 
Small Business Administration (SBA) 
State of Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (PAUCP) 
Urban League of Pittsburgh 
Veterans Administration (VA) 
Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (VVLP) 
Women Business Enterprise National Council (and regional affiliates) (WBENC) 
Women’s Independent Press 



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For more information about the Business Opportunity Program, please contact 
Julie Asciolla
Business and Development Relations Manager
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority
412.255.8800 ext. 8019