Pay Your Bill

Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP)

PWSA offers our customers a free paperless online billing service! Receive your monthly PWSA bills via e-mail and make payments for free.

You can also view and print invoices at your convenience by enrolling into the paperless billing option.

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One-Time Remote Bill Payment via Phone or Online

  • Residential customers who want to make a one-time payment, click here*

  • Commercial customers who want to make a one-time payment, click here*

  • To make a one-time telephone payment call 412-255-2423 and select Menu Option #2

‚Äč*Please note a service fee will apply.

Pay Your Bill With Cash At Any 7-Eleven® or Family Dollar®Location

Quickly and conveniently pay your bill at a 7-Eleven® or Family Dollar® near you.  
Simply bring your bill stub to a 7-Eleven® or Family Dollar® location and tell the cashier the amount you wish to pay. 

Customer Instructions for Cash Payments:
  1. Take your bill to any 7-Eleven® or Family Dollar® to pay with cash

  2. Tell the cashier the amount you wish to pay

  3. Keep your receipt as proof of payment

  4. A $1.49 processing fee is added  (New, lower fee as of Sept 1 2015

Pay Near Me FAQ

PWSA Customer Service Center

PWSA accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, credit and debit cards at:

1200 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.


Zipcheck is an automated bill payment program that allows you to pay your PWSA service charges, ALCOSAN sewage treatment charges plus any optional services you elect to purchase through PWSA to be automatically deducted from your designated account.

Zipcheck Request Form

How does Zipcheck work?

Once you register for the program and provide a voided check or a savings deposit slip, your charges billed from PWSA will be paid automatically from your bank account. If you want to cancel this service or change account information, you must notify PWSA in writing prior to your due date.

  • How can I track my bills?
    • Even though your financial institution manages your payment, you will still receive a PWSA bill 20 days before the due date.
    • Payment will be directly deducted from your account on the monthly due date designated on your invoice.
  • What are the advantages of Zipcheck?
    • You will have no more worries about due dates or incurring late charges.
    • Your bills will automatically be paid on the due date. T
    • here is no charge per transaction; it’s a free service provided to all PWSA customers.
  • How do I sign up for Zipcheck?
    • Fill out the request forms (keep one for your records and return the other one to PWSA)
    • If this is a new request or change, please provide a voided check or a savings deposit slip for our records.

Return Zipcheck information to:

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA)
Penn Liberty Plaza I 
1200 Penn Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Please do not forget to sign your form!

PWSA is not responsible for any fees your bank may charge you in order to participate in the Zipcheck program.

All charges, terms and conditions are subject to change. 

Please contact Customer Service at 412-255-2423 with all questions regarding the Zipcheck program.

To Update Your Contact Information:

  • Please call 412-255-2423 to talk to a customer service representative to update your current telephone number and e-mail address with PWSA.

  • Or click this link to update your billing contact information online.