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PWSA Returns Lanpher Rising Main to Service

(Pittsburgh, PA) -- Following an extensive six-month repair process, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) placed Lanpher Rising Main back into service, restoring an important link in the Authority’s water distribution system.


“PWSA staff worked tirelessly with contractors to have Lanpher operating once again,” said Robert Weimar, PWSA’s Interim Executive Director.  “It was not an easy repair given the damage that we discovered, but its restoration brings back a much-needed primary water main, which serves 40 percent of our customers.”


The approximately 120-year-old, 60-inch diameter main ruptured in February 2017 in a section of Etna Borough.  Once the leak was discovered, crews replaced a nearly 300-foot section of the main, while also conducting repairs on other weakened sections.


At a cost of approximately $2.5 million, the repair work involved the manufacturing and installation of a new section of 48-inch pipe to replace the damaged area, as well as work to strengthen surrounding infrastructure adjacent to the break.


“I’d like to thank everyone affected by the break and subsequent construction for their patience, especially the residents of Etna who were inconvenienced by the repair work,” said Weimar.  “PWSA wouldn’t have been able to complete the repairs without a true team effort.”


Parker Road in Etna will remain closed until Hampton Shaler Water Authority (HSWA) completes their unrelated water line replacement work on the road. The Authority is coordinating with HSWA to expedite road restoration and resurfacing.


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  • Thursday, June 29, 2017

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