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PWSA Update on Flush and Boil Advisory for Borough of Millvale

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) continues to work closely with The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to monitor and assess the water quality conditions in PWSA's water system, including a special emphasis to Millvale's water system.

At DEP's request, chlorination rates throughout the water system have been increased to provide further assurance that the DEP Drinking Water standards are continuously met. Daily water samples continue to be retrieved from water services throughout the PWSA water system to evaluate the chlorine levels and to confirm bacterial quality is acceptable.  

Although the Millvale water quality results have been within required standards, PWSA and DEP have conducted additional water tests to provide an abundance of proof that no water quality violations exist. If water quality test results from samples taken yesterday, September 2nd, continue to be satisfactory, PWSA expects that DEP will lift the Millvale Boil Water Advisory as a result.  PWSA will update the status of the Boil Water Advisory as soon as we receive a final statement from DEP. 

PWSA appreciates Millvale residents and Borough officials have experienced a prolonged Boil Water Advisory. PWSA is dedicated to providing the highest quality water possible to the region's water customers, and will restore the unrestricted use of the Millvale water system as soon as possible after the DEP approval.    


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  • Sunday, September 3, 2017

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