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Get to Know Your Pgh2o
One neighborhood at a time, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is meeting with customers and residents to forge relationships and re-establish trust during this year of transition.
PWSA Executive Director at the February 8th Homewood Concerned Citizen Council meetingPittsburgh, PA – 2018 is a year of transition for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA). From transitioning to PUC oversight and beginning to address long-standing challenges, it’s the start of a new era for PWSA. One that puts customers, and our accountability to them, first.
“As we identify opportunities to renew the organization, rebuilding relationships and connecting with ratepayers is an important part of the process,” stated Robert Weimar, Interim Executive Director. “Our customers need to be aware of what’s changing and how they’ll be impacted now and in the future.” 
PWSA is getting out into the community with its “Get to Know Your Pgh2o” community blitz – an intensive tour to meet with residents throughout Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. Representatives from the Authority are attending community meetings to discuss the future direction of the organization and to answer questions from our stakeholders. 
“Getting out into the community provides the opportunity to meet customers where they are and hear first-hand some of the issues and concerns they have with water quality, customer service, infrastructure needs, rates, and anything else that may be on their mind.” Weimar said. 
Several meetings with neighborhood community groups are scheduled through May. Later this year, PWSA will host its own community forums to have an open, engaging discussion about the future direction of the organization. All meetings are open to the public. 
The next few scheduled meetings will take place on:
  • February 19th - Elliot Community Group
  • March 13th - Hazelwood Initiative
  • March 21st - Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association  
Please use this link for a complete list of meetings already scheduled. More information about this outreach initiative as well as the meeting schedule is available on the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority’s website at
Any community group that would like to request a presentation for their neighborhood should contact (please provide at least two weeks advanced notice).
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  • Friday, February 16, 2018

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