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PWSA Announces Design-Phase of Four Drinking Water Improvement Projects
Four design projects, totaling nearly $11 million after construction is complete, are underway in four different neighborhoods.
Pittsburgh, PA - The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is delivering on its ambitious $1.1 billion capital improvement plan by initiating the design-phase of several key drinking water improvement projects. These four water main replacement projects are taking place in the Strip District, Bloomfield, Homewood, and the Borough of Millvale. After design is completed, the projects will be constructed in 2019. 
The design phase of the waterline replacement projects will take place during February through April 2018. Work will have minimal impact to customers and will include utility and geotechnical surveys. Surveying existing utilities is important to prepare construction crews for what other pipes, whether they be gas or electrical conduit, are near the water main replacement site. Geotechnical surveys, mostly consisting of soil samples, inform the design team of the quality of ground construction crews will encounter. Final design will be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for their approval. 
Another key step in the design process is to obtain the required permits to initiate construction. This can range from no-parking permits to allow for construction staging, to permits to gain permission to dig into a street. Coordination between PWSA and the City of Pittsburgh is crucial to the preparation for a construction project. All of this work is needed to meet PWSA’s end-goal of a cost effective, safe, and successful construction plan. 
 “We want the public to know that we’re putting their ratepayer dollars to work as soon as possible, but that it takes time to responsibly construct large water infrastructure improvement projects,” said Interim Executive Director Robert Weimar.
“The planning and design process ensures that when it is time to break ground, we can execute our construction plan with as few delays as possible. Laying this groundwork means that you will see us in neighborhoods across our service area making lasting improvements to our aging drinking water infrastructure.” 
To read more about PWSA’s plans for increased infrastructure repair, you can read our Financial Forecast for 2018 here.
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  • Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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