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Borough of Millvale Boil Water Advisory Continues
No Evidence of Contamination Found in First Round of Testing
Pittsburgh, PA - While repairing a water service line, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) crews closed a water line for an extended period of time on Evergreen Road at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 23rd. This caused low and no water pressure on multiple streets in the Borough of Millvale. 
When there is an extended decrease in pressure from a water outage, there is a chance contaminants may enter the impacted area of the drinking water system. Out of an abundance of caution, PWSA issued a precautionary flush and boil water advisory to a limited area of approximately 600 households for the impacted neighborhoods in the map below. 
Before PWSA will lift the precautionary advisory, it must confirm the safety of the water by performing two rounds of daily bacteriological testing. It takes 24-hours to analyze each round of testing. Water quality tests collected yesterday did not detect evidence of contamination. Results from samples taken today are expected to be available tomorrow morning. Customers will be contacted via robocall when the advisory is lifted.
Water buffaloes remain at the following locations for those who cannot boil their water before consumption. 
  • The Millvale Community Center (near 416 Lincoln Avenue)
  • The old Sample Elementary School (820 Evergreen Road) 
A searchable map of the impacted area is available here: PWSA Boil Water Area. Any customer who experienced no water service or low pressure in this area is also encouraged to follow these precautionary measures until further notice. We recognize the inconvenience of having to flush or boil water. However the advisory is issued to ensure the safety of our water and customers.  
The advisory applies to water used for consumption. Customers within the impacted area should do the following before using water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and food preparation until further notice: 
Residents who do not know if their property has lead water pipes or solder, it is recommended to first flush your lines by running water from your tap for at least one minute before boiling. 
  1. Boil tap water vigorously for at least one minute prior to using it for drinking or cooking (the minute starts when the water begins to bubble). This includes water used for brushing teeth, making ice, washing raw foods, preparation of drinks, and water for pets. 
  2. Wait for the water to cool before using it, or store it in the refrigerator in a clean container. 
Boiling kills harmful bacteria in the water that may cause illness. You should throw away ice made during the time the advisory or notice was issued, as freezing does not kill bacteria.
Flushing water brings in fresh water from the main and boiling fresh water kills any bacteria and other organisms that can enter the water. You can also use bottled water. The water is safe to use for non-consumption activities like bathing. A frequently asked questions document for boiling water can be found on the homepage.  
The impacted area is shaded in green in the map above. A searchable map is available online here. For more information about the precautionary boil water advisory, please visit our website at or call Customer Service at (412) 255-2423. 


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  • Saturday, August 25, 2018

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