Press Release
June 10 - June 14, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA - The Pittsburgh Water at Sewer Authority (PWSA) contractors are scheduled to complete surface restoration, which includes paving at concrete work for the week of June 10 – June 14, 2019. Many work locations will require restricted parking while work is being performed. Signs will be posted in advance at removed as soon as possible.


*Please note that the schedule is weather dependent at subject to change.


Work locations are as follows:

6667 Ridgeville Street
401 Hastings Street
1000 Block of Welfer Street
University Street at O’Hara Street
Kennebec Street
Aliquippa Street at Iowa Street
Johnstown Avenue at Winston Street
224 38th Street
226 Flowers Avenue
412 Hancock Street
4606 Monongahela Avenue
333 Downing Street
419 Saline Street
312 Downing Street
4114 Haldane Street
Odette Street at Ivyglen Street
1044 Flemington Street
1006 Grand Avenue
1000 block of Welfer Street
834 Grand Avenue
Kennebec Street
Minnott Street at Palen Way
800 - 100 block of Mirror Street
32 Courtright Street
Johnstown Avenue at Winston Street
Gurnee Street at McClure Avenue
226 Flowers Avenue
3150 Lecky Avenue
4606 Monongahela Avenue
3400 Massachusetts Avenue
419 Saline Street
Fleming Avenue at Hubbard Street
4114 Haldane Street
1558 Hubbard Street
1000 block of Flemington Street
3451 Sipe Street
1000 block of Welfer Street
3443 McClure Avenue
Kennebec Street
3456 Gass Road
Murray Avenue at Loretta Street
3432 Shadeland Avenue
1876 Shaw Avenue
3558 McClure Avenue
614 Kirkland Street
1261 Termon Avenue
405 North Murtland Street
1102 Pemberton Street



Any customer who needs additional information should call PWSA Emergency Dispatch 24/7 at 412.255.2423.





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  • Monday, June 10, 2019

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