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October 21 – October 25, 2019


The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is replacing lead water service lines throughout our service area to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water. To avoid partial lead line replacements, PWSA is coordinating with customers to replace private lead service lines at no cost when replacing public lead lines.




  • Mayfield Avenue
  • Delgar Street (Mayfield Avenue – dead end)
  • Maple Street (Hawkins Street – dead end)
  • Osgood Street
  • Island Street
  • Norwood Avenue
  • Watson Boulevard
  • Delware Street (Perrysville Avenue – Chemung Street)
  • Marshall Avenue (Danbury Street – Linwood Avenue)


Greenfield/Squirrel Hill

  • Tilbury Avenue (Shady Avenue – Beechwood Boulevard)
  • Landview Road (Saline Street – Rosemoor Street)
  • Saline Street (Monitor Street – dead end)
  • Burchfield Avenue (Murray Avenue – Beechwood Boulevard)
  • Shady Avenue (Monitor Street – Douglas Street)
  • Deely Street (McCaslin Street – Melbourne Street)
  • Forward Avenue (Shady Avenue – Beechwood Boulevard)
  • Morrowfield Avenue (Shady Avenue – Beechwood Boulevard)
  • Montclair Street
  • Beechwood Boulevard (Nicholson Street – Forward Avenue)



Mount Washington:

  • Ruth Street
  • Jasper Street
  • Boggs Avenue (Albert Street – Lelia Street)
  • Kearsarge Street (Fetzer Street – West Sycamore Street)
  • West Sycamore Street (Kearsarge Street – Vinecliffe Street)
  • Albert Street (Boggs Avenue – dead end)
  • Griffin Street (Lelia Street – Dewitt Street)
  • Greenbush Street
  • Southern Avenue (Shiloh Street – Sandwich Way)
  • Lelia Street (Boggs Avenue – dead end)



Please note that the schedule is weather dependent and subject to change.

To view our lead service line replacement locations and to learn more about the service line material at your property, go to Any customer who needs additional information should call the PWSA Lead Help Desk at 412-255-8987 or email at


PWSA is investing $49 million this year alone to remove harmful lead service lines from its water system. So far this year, we have replaced nearly 1,999 lead service lines with over 98% percent of replacements completed without digging a trench on private property. Since the program began in July 2016, PWSA has replaced nearly 4,765 public lead service lines and over 2,851 private lines.


PWSA’s Lead Help Desk team coordinates on an individual basis with customers receiving lead service line replacements. Through their work, they have logged over 5,282 customer agreements to participate in the program. Outreach for this program began in Fall of 2018.


For those not part of this program, we provide free full lead service line replacements for income-qualified residential customers. To see if you qualify, visit or call Dollar Energy Fund at 866-762-2346.


For more information on the Community Lead Response, go to


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  • Monday, October 21, 2019

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